Good cholesterol will protect diabetes patients

Good cholesterol will protect diabetes patients

Increasing so-called good cholesterol levels in people with diabetes can greatly reduce their risk of stroke and heart disease, a new study has revealed.

Research conducted at the Kaiser Permanente Centre for Health Research has confirmed that heightened levels of high-density lipoproteins can reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes in people with diabetes.

"This is promising news for patients with diabetes, who already have an increased risk for heart problems," stated Dr Suma Vupputuri, co-author of the study.

"Raising their good cholesterol may be one more way for these patients to reduce their risk," she continued.

A new study will also take place at Yale University to discover a way to obtain earlier diagnosis of heart disease in patients with diabetes.

The research will test a total of 1,000 subjects at seven sites throughout the US, every sixth months over a period of three years.

Subjects must exhibit no prior indications of heart disease and will undergo a stress test and myocardial perfusion imaging.

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