Glen Campbell needs full-time care for Alzheimer's

Glen Campbell needs full-time care for Alzheimer's

Country music star Glen Campbell now requires full-time, professional care because his Alzheimer's is progressing further. 

His wife Kim told the Associated Press that she was doing what was in his best interests, even though some family members disagreed. 

The 78-year-old singer was diagnosed with this form of cognitive decline in 2011 and can no longer stay at home, according to doctors.

At the moment, Mr Campbell takes part in activities and therapies in a bid to stimulate and help him to "experience daily moments of success". 

"His life is filled with love and laughter and he is being cared for round the clock by people who specialise in Alzheimer's care and happen to adore him," she added. 

Having been diagnosed with the disease three years ago, the musician went onto release two albums and toured around the world. Mrs Campbell said at the time that such a course of action was one way of fighting the degenerative condition and it also allowed him to spend time with his family, who travelled alongside him. 

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