Give old people a tablet, it's good for them

Give old people a tablet, it's good for them

Teaching older people how to use modern technologies is good for their wellbeing, researchers say.

Studies at the University of Luxembourg found that providing someone with the means to become a silver surfer helps them to feel better about themselves and their situation.

This includes them learning how to use PCs, tablet computers and smartphones as a way of keeping their minds active and combating loneliness.

Dr Anja Leist, who led the study, said encouraging older people to use social networks is also a good thing as it enables them to access health-rated information and interact with people.

"There are many online forums where people in difficult life situations, such as informal caregivers of a spouse with dementia or individuals with depression, can exchange thoughts as well as receive and provide support," she added.

However, getting old people online can have some drawbacks, including giving them access to harmful or misleading information as well as them risking their personal data.

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