Genetic research could further Alzheimer's treatment

Genetic research could further Alzheimer's treatment

New research by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) may add weight to the idea that Alzheimer's disease could be a genetically-inherited condition.

A small patient group with a rare, early-onset type of Alzheimer's disease which affects about three per cent of people with the condition was studied, Big Think reports.

Dr Leonard Guarente, who studies ageing at MIT, said using the findings from this three per cent could pave the way to better treatment for everybody with the disease.

"We can't really do anything about our genes, but genetics clues us in on what the players are that are important in a disease," the website reports him as saying.

It follows news that in the US, the Alzheimer's Association is teaming up with drug company Pfizer to encourage more people to share their experiences of Alzheimer's disease, warning that as many as ten million people in the country risk developing it.

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