Gene therapy is 'ready for commercial development'

Gene therapy is 'ready for commercial development'

The time for gene therapy to be commercially developed has come, to allow patients with treatable and curable diseases to have access to the latest technology.

This is the opinion of Dr James Wilson, editor in chief of Human Gene Therapy.

Over the past couple of years, the revolutionary technology has proven itself to be effective and feasible, yet thus far gene therapy has been reserved for severe diseases with few treatment options.

However, its successful treatment of haemophilia B has shown gene therapy is capable of competing with and replacing traditional forms of treatment for an array of conditions.

Dr Terence R Flotte, of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, commented: "The scientific community has been promising for years that disruptive change would follow from investments in biomedical research, such as the doubling of NIH and the sequencing of the human genome."

The comments of Dr Wilson could go some way to fulfilling that promise, he continued.

A form of gene therapy has also been developed to treat a common type of blindness, X-linked retinitis pigmentosa.

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