Gardens could help dementia care

Gardens could help dementia care

Outdoor spaces in care homes, such as gardens, could be beneficial for those with dementia.

A new study that analysed 17 different pieces of research found the presence of greenery like this could promote relaxation, stimulate activity and lessen the agitation levels of those with the degenerative condition. 

It also transpired gardens made it easier for visitors to talk to those in care homes and could even encourage memory recall, according to scientists from the University of Exeter Medical School. 

Lead researcher Rebecca Whear said there was a growing amount of interest in seeing if the symptoms of cognitive decline could be improved without using drugs. 

Gardens provide "sensory stimulation" and the chance not only to "relax in a calming setting" but also to "remember skills and habits that have brought enjoyment in the past". 

However, the study pointed out how this area of research is currently "understudied" and various factors were at play, such as the design of each individual garden. 

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