Funding for study of dementia patients with other conditions

Funding for study of dementia patients with other conditions

A project researching how to improve treatment for dementia patients with other conditions has been awarded a share of a £22 million investment fund provided by the government.

The University of Hertfordshire’s Centre for Research into Primary and Community Care is investigating ways to better care for patients who have other conditions such as diabetes, stroke or visual-impairment in addition to dementia.

Dr Frances Bunn, leading the project, said: "Many people with dementia have additional long-term health problems which, if not managed well, can make a person's dementia worse or lead to unplanned hospital admissions."

She explained the project would look into how these patients are initially assessed and supported in the long-term.

Alongside this investigation, the university has also received funding for a study of dementia patients and their home life. It will assess the psychological problems they may have and look at triggers of behavioural symptoms such as aggression, wandering and distress.

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