Food presentation is important for dementia patients

Food presentation is important for dementia patients

The aesthetic of food and how it is laid out is important to encourage dementia patients to eat.

This is the opinion of Professor June Andrews, director of the Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling.

"Eating and drinking well is very important for the health of a person with dementia," she said.

"We all eat better if we are tempted by nice smells and the sight of something delicious, so presentation is always important."

Many people with dementia often forget to eat or how to chew and swallow, so it is vital to tempt patients into food.

This can be done by offering patients things they like and by ensuring that they don't feel rushed.

Professor Andrews also points out that many individuals prefer to eat in company, so creating a social environment for meal times could be the key.

However, there are those who may want to eat alone, so it is essential to find out what works for each patient and to tailor the approach.

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