Flu jabs 'not perfect'

Flu jabs 'not perfect'

Flu jabs will provide good but not flawless protection against influenza, according to one expert.

Dr Catherine Hood, scientific advisor to Mentholatum responsebeta Anti-viral hand sanitizer, has said that those over 65 and pregnant women should seek advice from their doctor about other ways to stave off the virus.

"Good hand hygiene – keeping hands washed and clean – can help eliminate much of this threat, but access to soap and water throughout the day is sometimes impossible or impractical," she says.

This comes after figures released by the British Medical Association showed that only 41.5 per cent of those in high risk category over-65s had received the flu jab this year.

Older people are particularly at risk from the flu virus as it can impact hardest on those who have a physical disability or existing conditions such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease.

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