Fitness for over-50s

Fitness for over-50s

With the new year underway, losing a few pounds and getting healthy will be one of the top priorities for many older adults.

Exercise is a great way to do this, but over-50s must ensure they take their health into consideration.

Steve Halsall, fitness travel expert and entrepreneur, advised: "Depending on the history [of a person] most exercise, as long as it is progressive and realistic, is suitable."

Cycling is a great option for older adults as it is "kind on the joints and great for the cardiovascular system".

Weight training, yoga and pilates are also alternatives for older adults looking to keep healthy, but they must be part of a rounded week of activity.

When designing an exercise plan it is important to be proactive but to build up to higher intensity activities, instead of just jumping straight in.

Mr Halsall explains that routines must be sustainable and fit in with the rest of your life.

However, exercise is a great way to stave off many degenerative diseases.

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