Fifth of stroke survivors 'lose income'

Fifth of stroke survivors 'lose income'

A fifth of stroke survivors experienced a loss of income after it occurred, according to new findings.

Research commissioned by the Stroke Association found that over half of people employed at the time of their stroke found that it had a negative impact on their work, having had to either reduce hours or quit altogether.

A third of stroke survivors said they had an increase in expenses for adaptations on their home or paying more for daytime heating while a fifth admitted to a loss of income since.

These effects were exacerbated in those who had experienced physical difficulty, particularly regarding communication, since their stroke.

Joe Korner, director of communications for the Stroke Association said that over half of people did not receive the information they needed following their stroke such as advice on benefit entitlements.

"With local authorities having to cut spending by 7 per cent a year, it's possible they will raise the eligibility criteria to receive care. It is vital that stroke survivors do not fall into a black hole," he said.

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