Extended deal announced for Huntington's disease drug development

Extended deal announced for Huntington's disease drug development

Evotec AG today announced the extension of its collaboration with the CHDI Foundation through to the end of 2012, aimed at finding new treatments for Huntington's disease.

According to the company, the deal represents one of the largest joint innovation drug discovery alliances within Evotec and stands to provide Evotec with up to $37.5 million (£22.9 million) in research funding over the coming three years.

Dr Werner Lanthaler, chief executive officer of Evotec, said that he and his team are delighted that CHDI is to further extend its strategic alliance.

"We view this as an important step in our work with CHDI to develop novel therapies for Huntington's disease and meet this urgent medical need.

"At the same time it will allow Evotec to gain further experience in defining the underlying mechanisms of other neurodegenerative diseases."

Earlier this month, scientists at the University of California explained that a molecular switch that can prevent Huntington's disease from developing has been found through mice models, finding that the mutated huntingtin protein could be stopped in its tracks by a small chemical modification.

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