Expert highlights benefits of reduced calorie diet

Expert highlights benefits of reduced calorie diet

A dementia expert has said older adults should reduce their calorie intake by a third to stave off cognitive decline.

Tiffany Chow is a neuroscientist at the Ross Memory Clinic in Toronto and author of the book The Memory Clinic.

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, Professor Chow gave several tips for older adults to follow in an attempt to reduce mental impairment.

She says those who have a high level of formal education are less susceptible to the effects of abnormal proteins in the brain.

However, she also highlights the need to "build your cognitive reserves" and states reading can help to maintain good cognitive function, though further research is required into whether fiction or non-fiction books are more effective.

According to Professor Chow, reducing the amount of calories eaten can also help the mitochondria in the brain fight off abnormal proteins.

She said: "With calorie reduction, there's a message sent to the quality-control team that says, 'We're in a little bit of a crisis here. It's not huge, but would you please get back on the job and do some overtime.'"

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