Exeter man raising money for Alzheimer's Society

Exeter man raising money for Alzheimer's Society

A man from Exeter is going to undertake a mountain climb that will last for three weeks to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society. 

Chris Sainsbury has flown to Kyrgyzstan to begin the three-week adventure, where he will attempt to conquer Peak Lenin, which is 7,134 metres tall, the Exeter Express and Echo reports.

He is doing this in light of his mother being diagnosed with dementia. 

Mr Sainsbury said the news came "like a bolt out of the blue", especially as her mind had been active and alert up until this point.

Sadly, it has got to the stage where his mother does not recognise her own husband from time to time and she can get so anxious and confused that she occasionally attacks him.

"Some days we can laugh at her forgetfulness and the things she says but most of the time, it is a cause of stress and great sadness," he commented. 

However, Mr Sainsbury highlighted how helpful the Alzheimer's Society had been and is trying to raise £7,134 - the height of the mountain. 

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