Exercising 'helps with anxiety'

Exercising 'helps with anxiety'

Older people with anxiety issues, who may use home care, may benefit from exercising.

Ann Finnemore, hypnotherapist and stress manager, recommended exercise for people with depression or anxiety.

She explained that exercise leads the body to release endorphins - the body's 'feel good' chemicals - which improve a person's mood.

According to the expert, exercise also gives the individual a sense of achievement and allows for mental relaxation time from daily stressors.

"This doesn’t have to be sport or gym activity – it can be gardening, brisk walking, even housework so long as it’s done at a pace which can be classed as aerobic," added Ms Finnemore.

Meanwhile, a Southern Methodist University team found that regular exercise could be a useful strategy for helping to prevent the development of panic and related disorders.

Those with an intense fear of the symptoms that accompany panic reacted with less anxiety to a stressor if they had been maintaining high levels of physical activity, it was found.

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