Exercise now to protect health in older age

Exercise now to protect health in older age

Britons who are in the 50-plus age group should begin exercising now to protect their health in older age, according to one industry expert.

Ceri Wheeldon, founder of fabafterfifty.co.uk, explained that with people living longer, the only way to ensure health and fitness as people get older is to take decisive action immediately.

However, when planning an exercise regime, it is important to devise one that you will enjoy.

"Some people love the Wii Fit and that's great, but especially in January people go off on a tangent and start something that is hard to maintain," she said.

Zumba and ballroom dancing are fun and popular forms of exercise, because they are social activities that allow people to meet new people and take charge of their bodies.

However, all types of exercise have empowering properties, because "you know that you have done something worthwhile for yourself".

Cardiovascular exercise is also great for over-50s, as it helps to pump blood around the body, both preventing stroke and keeping brains healthy.

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