Exercise may prevent degenerative diseases in older age

Exercise may prevent degenerative diseases in older age

Exercise in older age may prevent against degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, according to one fitness expert.

Steve Halsall, fitness entrepreneur and celebrity trainer, stated: "Older people need to take control of their lives by ensuring they dodge the degenerative diseases [...] caused by lack of physicality."

"Greater physical awareness will allow older people to keep fulfilling their potential and maintain their independent lifestyle," he continued.

However, older adults must obtain the "green light" from their doctors before beginning a new exercise programme, according to Mr Halsall.

Once doctor's permission is obtained, exercises to increase mobility, flexibility, a good heart and strong bones should be the priority for older people.

Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly experience up to 25 per cent less muscle and joint pain in older adulthood than those who are less active.

In a test comparing the levels of pain in group of runners and a group of non-runners, researchers found that while pain increased in both groups over the course of 14 years, the runners enjoyed greater physical health and experienced less general physical discomfort.

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