Evidence of lifestyle changes impacting on Alzheimer's risk 'unsatisfactory'

Evidence of lifestyle changes impacting on Alzheimer's risk 'unsatisfactory'

There is currently no evidence supporting the association of any modifiable factors with a reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease or cognitive decline, a panel has concluded.

The National Institutes of Health put together a State-of-the-Science Conference in order to discuss the possibilities of findings of various Alzheimer's disease risk factors and preventative measures.

However, the scientists concluded that as of yet, there is no evidence of "even moderate scientific quality" that specific lifestyle changes could increase or lower Alzheimer's risk.

"Until more conclusive results are available, individuals should continue to aim for a physically and mentally active and healthy lifestyle and prevention of the well-known major risk factors for chronic diseases," wrote the group.

In other news, an eye test could be used to diagnose Alzheimer's disease, after Scottish eyecare specialist Optos said there was a "highly significant" link between Alzheimer's and changes to the retina.

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