Europe awards £10.2m for Parkinson's disease research

Europe awards £10.2m for Parkinson's disease research

The European Health Commission has awarded €12 million (£10.2 million) to a group undertaking research into Parkinson's disease.

A five-year study will bring together experts on the condition from all over the world, to conduct cell transplantation trials to see if damaged brain cells can be repaired.

It is damage and death of these brain cells which causes the patient to not produce enough of the chemical dopamine, resulting in the development of Parkinson's disease.

The project will be conducted at centres in the UK, Sweden, France and Germany, led by Cambridge University's Dr Roger Barker.

"We hope that our new trial will prove that cell transplants can work consistently for people with Parkinson's – potentially paving the way towards treatments that use stem cells to repair the Parkinson's brain," he told Parkinson's UK.

The charity estimates that one in every 500 people in the UK is living with Parkinson's disease, equating to around 120,000 citizens.

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