EU agrees to pool dementia resources

EU agrees to pool dementia resources

Proposals for ten countries, including the UK, to pool resources in the fight against dementia have been accepted by the European Union.

Europe has recognised it has a responsibility to support world-leading dementia research, according to the Alzheimer's Research Trust.

The Medical Research Council should also be praised for supporting dementia research initiatives, claims Professor Julie Williams.

She went on: "New international collaborations will help to utilise recent discoveries and its outstanding science base, as we learn more about dementia.

"With the right support, we can produce new treatments, preventions and even cures for this devastating set of diseases."

In addition to the European Collaboration, dementia researchers are looking forward to receiving a greater portion of the UK's medical research budget as promised by care services minister Phil Hope, Ms Williams added.

The Alzheimer's Society estimates that there will be more than one million UK citizens living with dementia by 2025.

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