Esther Rantzen to speak to carers in live webchat

Esther Rantzen to speak to carers in live webchat

Carers will have been given a unique opportunity to share their thoughts on caring for loved-ones with a popular television personality, according to a leading Parkinson's disease charity.

In advance of Carers Week 2010, Parkinson's UK supporter and former That's Life presenter Esther Rantzen will be hosting a webchat for carers tonight (June 9th) between 19:00 and 20:00 BST.

Ms Rantzen is a long-time advocate of Carers Week, which runs from June 14th - 20th, having cared for her late husband, Desmond.

"Carers Week has my support because it gives a voice to carers up and down the country," she told Parkinson's UK.

Visitors to the chat room can share thoughts, experiences and tips with other carers while also questioning Ms Rantzen.

As well as achieving fame through television, Esther Rantzen recently ran as a prospective MP for the town of Luton, but despite much publicity, only received 4.4 per cent of the vote.

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