Epilepsy surgery yields positive benefits

Epilepsy surgery yields positive benefits

A long-term study has revealed that epilepsy surgery improves seizure control and quality of life.

Researchers at Washington University found that epilepsy surgery can eliminate seizures in 48 per cent of patients. It was also revealed that 80 per cent of people experience a greater quality of life.

Although medical therapy is the most dominant treatment for the condition, epilepsy surgery is fast becoming recognised as a safe and effective intervention.

Previous studies have found that 30 per cent of patients are unresponsive to medical therapy.

Dr Matthew Smyth, lead author on the study, explained: "In cases where medical therapy fails to control seizures, epilepsy surgery is a safe and effective treatment option."

However, the procedure remains a "underutilised therapy".

Epilepsy surgery is also thought to improve depression and anxiety in patients, specifically when the symptoms cannot be controlled by medication.

This has been attributed the elimination of seizures, which are a major cause of mental strain in patients.

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