Epilepsy patients 'in need of new drugs'

Epilepsy patients 'in need of new drugs'

New epilepsy drugs should be made available, according to one expert - a move which has the potential to make people with the condition less in need of respite care.

Research from the University of Reading found that three different non-psychoactive cannabis extracts are able to reduce seizures in epilepsy patients.

It is believed that around 30 per cent of individuals with the condition experience seizures which traditional anticonvulsant drugs are not able to control.

Delphine van der Pauw, of Epilepsy Research UK, commented on these findings, saying the results appear "very promising".

"There is a great need for new epilepsy drugs with different modes of action, and if any one of these compounds is successful it could make an enormous difference to the treatment of epilepsy," she said.

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