End-of-life care review launched by government

End-of-life care review launched by government

The government has announced it is launching a review into end-of-life care as a response to the criticisms of the Liverpool Care Pathway.

Care and support minister Norman Lamb revealed he will be appointing an independent chair to lead the review in the new year.

"Care for the dying is an emotive issue and is never an easy subject to discuss," he said, adding it is "clear" people want the final hours of their loved ones' lives to be "pain free and dignified".

Mr Lamb accepted that it has been "unacceptable" that so many patients were put on the pathway without being given a proper explanation of the programme.

The review is set to consider issues such as the value of locally-set incentives and if they are leading to bad decisions or practice.

According to the NHS, the Liverpool Care Pathway is intended to allow people with a terminal illness to die with dignity.

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