Elderly will have to pay £150,000 for care costs before hitting cap, says Labour

Elderly will have to pay £150,000 for care costs before hitting cap, says Labour

Older people will pay £150,000 for residential care in England before they reach the government's costs cap.

This is according to analysis by the Labour Party, which found that despite a cap of £72,000 coming into force in 2016, the real cost is more than double because additional costs such as accommodation fees do not count.

Labour has accused the coalition of attempting to con the public. It also said that six out of seven people who go into a home will die before they reach the cap.

The average time for a person to stay in residential care in just over two years, but it takes around five years before the cap is reached.

Labour has not stated if it will cover the additional costs if it is elected to government in 2015.

Liz Kendall, the shadow care minister, said the purpose of the research was merely to highlight flaws in the way in which the government relays information to the general public.

"Families deserve to be told the facts rather than being conned so they can properly plan for the future and not have the government attempt to pull the wool over their eyes," she stated.

Caroline Abrahams of the charity Age UK said many older people and their loved ones will be shocked when they realise that they will not receive the level of support they initially expected.

"It is crucial that the public understands what costs are included under the cap and the impact the proposals will have," she added.

Coalition ministers have fired back by claiming that they have always been honest about the cost of accommodation and how the cap will work.

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