Egg yolks may increase coronary risk 'as much as cigarettes'

Egg yolks may increase coronary risk 'as much as cigarettes'

Egg yolks could contribute to coronary heart disease risk in a similar way to cigarettes, according to new research.

The commonly-consumed food stuff could be a substantially underappreciated risk for cardiovascular events such as stroke and heart attacks, claims Dr David Spence of Western University.

Surveying over 1,200 patients attending vascular prevention clinics, he found that arterial plaques were a common occurrence among people with a high egg yolk consumption.

"What we have shown is that with ageing, plaque builds up gradually in the arteries … and egg yolks make it build up faster - about two-thirds as much as smoking," he noted.

Carotid plaque area increased with age, according to the study, while eating three or more egg yolks correlated with significantly higher quantities of plaque build up compared to those who consumed two or fewer.

Dr Spence also suggested that the claims eggs can form part of a healthy diet has confused the issue for many people, who have overlooked the cholesterol implications.

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