Early diagnosis 'can stave off hearing loss'

Early diagnosis 'can stave off hearing loss'

People using home care should ensure they get their hearing checked every two years.

According to Andrew Goodwin, of Deafness Research UK, people notice hearing loss in subtle ways such as comments from friends and family, difficulty to hear in noisy environments and asking people to speak up.

Those with such symptoms should speak to their doctor, who will recommend a hearing test.

He said that, in the same manner as an eye test, people should go for hearing tests every two years.

"Hearing loss is a more common problem than many people realise, with over nine million people in the UK affected and while in many cases the symptoms can be treated successfully if caught early, our own research shows that many people wait as long as 10-15 years before seeking help," commented Mr Goodwin.

These comments follow a study published in journal Psychology and Aging which found that lifelong musicians have superior auditory abilities to their peers upon reaching old age.

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