Early detection 'slows down glaucoma'

Early detection 'slows down glaucoma'

Early detection of glaucoma could slow down the condition and prevent further damage, one expert has said, which could make people less likely to find a care home.

Sarah Zerbib, of the International Glaucoma Association, said that it is essential that glaucoma is diagnosed in its early stages so that the proper actions can be taken.

"Early detection is essential because the sooner it is diagnosed the sooner it can be treated via eye drops, laser treatment or surgery, with the objective to stop or slow down the progress of the condition and prevent any, or further, damage to the optic nerve," she explained.

Mr Zerbib added that good eye health can be maintained by leading a healthy life, combining a nutritional diet with plenty of exercise.

These comments come during World Glaucoma Week which is taking place between March 6th and 12th 2011.

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