Drinking herbal tea brings about health benefits

Drinking herbal tea brings about health benefits

Drinking herbal tea on a regular basis is good for your health, according a number of various scientific studies and reports. Those who consumed herbal tea often - in comparison with those who drank coffee and other hot beverages - were more likely to have better health.

Owing to the advantages of drinking herbal tea and the fitness lifestyle ‘trend’ that has engulfed the UK, many people are now shunning traditional teas in favour of herbal teas and fruit teas, according to a recent study conducted by consumer analysts Mintel.

It is well known that at least three cups of herbal tea a day keeps certain illnesses at bay and boosts the immune system, but different flavours of herbal teas have different benefits.

Scientific research has found that:

  • Camomile tea may potentially reduce the risk of diabetes and can help women to live longer. Also, camomile has cleansing and moisturising properties so drinking a cup regularly can help aid a good skincare routine
  • Oolong tea has high levels of antioxidants which lowers cholesterol  levels. This is the same for green tea
  • Black tea reduces the risk of dementia and stroke
  • Peppermint tea is good for the digestive system - along with eating green and fibrous foods such as spinach, celery and bran flakes. Peppermint tea also contains menthol, which acts as a muscle relaxant and reduces stress and anxiety levels
  • Like oolong tea, green tea contains antioxidants which lowers cholesterol levels, and protects against breast, lung and stomach cancers, Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Green tea also aids weight loss when combined with eating healthily and staying physically fit
  • Ginger and lemon tea reduced inflammation in the body and helps to reduce stress levels

While the health benefits of drinking herbal teas have always been widely known - historically green tea was used in ancient times in China to boost the immune system and ward off illnesses - it is very important to take into account other dietary requirements and lifestyle facts. Drinking herbal tea on a regular basis is good for you because it provides many benefits to your health, but it also important to eat a healthy and balanced diet, and exercise as often as possible.