Double therapy 'improves stroke recovery'

Double therapy 'improves stroke recovery'

Researchers have developed a therapy which they say could lead to an improved recovery of skilled motor function in stroke patients.

Scientists at Children's Hospital Boston have reported a two-pronged molecular therapy which has been successful in the recovery of motor function in rats.

By combining two molecular therapies, both of which have been successful when used on their own, researchers saw increased nerve growth and a better recover of motor function compared to when each treatment was used without the other.

Senior author Larry Benowitz said: "When you put these two together, you get much stronger growth of new circuits than either one alone, and very striking functional improvements."

In other news, eating cherries could lower cardiovascular risk, lessening the chance of conditions such as stroke and heart attack, a multi-institutional study has shown.

Researchers believe that antioxidant compounds in the fruit are beneficial to the health of consumers.

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