Don’t forget about community spirit this Christmas!

Don’t forget about community spirit this Christmas!

British communities have been urged not to neglect vulnerable and isolated members of their community this Christmas.

More needs to be done to foster community spirit and support for elderly people over the winter period, according to a leading humanitarian organisation.

Recognition and social inclusion for those who are likely to struggle over Christmas is "incredibly important", claims the founder of Kindness UK, David Jamilly.

A little effort to do something kind for an isolated person who lives nearby will be appreciated, he explains, even if you do not know them very well.

"There are days when people seem to be off and having a good time, but a lot of people feel isolated at those times and don’t have the opportunity to join in," he noted.

Effort to foster a sense of community spirit among younger generations is particularly encouraged.

"Anything that you can do for your community or older vulnerable groups … to expose younger people to kindness is definitely 100 per cent of benefit," Mr Jamilly added.

MPs have been encouraged to do more to support older people over the winter period by signing up to the Age UK Winter Pledge, which includes commitments to curb fuel poverty.

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