Donate coats to spread the warmth

Donate coats to spread the warmth

Following news of 23,100 excess winter deaths among older people last year, Age UK is running a campaign to spread the warmth.

The scheme is asking people to donate their old winter coats to be sold in their shops.

Recent research by the charity shows that over 1.2 million people in the UK aged over 60 believe a warm coat would make the biggest difference to them this winter.

Age UK is hoping that the money raised will help more than 350,000 older people at this time of year, which can be very difficult for those who are not in residential care homes with personal care.

Many older people who do not live in care homes will feel the effects of the government's austerity cuts this year, as winter fuel becomes less affordable.

Excess winter deaths refer to the number of additional deaths during the season when compared with the non-winter months of the year.

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