Does early menopause increase illness and mortality risk?

Does early menopause increase illness and mortality risk?

All women will undergo menopause at different times in their life, but research has found that those who experience the transition at an early age have a greater risk of illness and mortality.

According to a Swedish study, those who have early menopause are nearly twice as likely to suffer from osteoporosis, in addition to fractures and even death.

Some 390 women aged 48 and over were involved in the investigation, which began in 1977, and were split into two groups: those who had menopause before 47 and those who experienced it after.

At the age of 77, all women were assessed and it was found that 56 per cent of all women who had early menopause had osteoporosis, and 52.4 per cent had died.

Ola Svejme, main author of the study, commented: "The higher mortality rate in women with an early menopause needs to be explored further as many other factors could affect this such as medication, nutrition, smoking and alcohol consumption."

The study highlights the importance of early intervention in those with a family history of early menopause.

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