Does the countryside increase Alzheimer's disease risk?

Does the countryside increase Alzheimer's disease risk?

It is generally believed that the countryside is the ideal place to raise a family, as children can enjoy the clean air and open spaces.

However, a study now claims that people who grew up in a rural area could have more than double the normal risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers have observed a link between the countryside and the condition among those that were raised out of the city. However, this is not the case if people move to greener pastures in later life.

Nevertheless, experts are stumped as to why this is the case, perhaps annoyingly for those considering relocating to the country.

Dr Tom Russ from the Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre at the University of Edinburgh, who led the study, commented: "We don’t really know the mechanism. It could be to do with access to healthcare, exposure to some unknown substance, socio-economic factors, or a number of other factors."

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