Documentary to be made on Huntington's

Documentary to be made on Huntington's

The BBC is making a documentary on inherited genetic disease, such as Huntington's disease, according to reports.

This documentary will tackle issues surrounding inherited genetic disease and screening for the genes responsible, reports the Huntington's Disease Association.

It will explore in depth the implications of new screening technologies and how they are being used within healthcare.

In addition, it will include a section on the test for the gene that carries Huntington's disease.

This will focus on the implications for families who are at risk of carrying the gene and the dilemmas now faced by them.

The documentary makers would be interested in speaking to those who have a parent or relative diagnosed with Huntington's disease and are facing the question of whether to be tested or not.

This comes after reports by researchers at the Salk Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory discovered that a naturally-occuring compound found in strawberries and other fruit and vegetables could delay the onset of Huntington's disease.

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