Doctors a step closer to aggressive prostate cancer cure

Doctors a step closer to aggressive prostate cancer cure

Scientists have moved one step closer to finding a treatment for one of the more aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

The new vulnerability is being dubbed the genetic Achilles' heel of the disease and can be targeted using a drug which is already used to treat other types of cancer.

Men with prostate cancer are usually treated using potent androgen suppression therapy, which targets cells that depend on this hormone.

But the Cancer Discovery study suggests this does not target neuroendocrine cells that may also be present in the tumour, which could go on to spread.

Lead investigator Dr Himisha Beltran explained: "There is evidence to suggest that androgen suppression results in a more aggressive cancer in a growing number of men, and now, with this study, we may have a way to treat these patients."

The next step will be for researchers to find biomarkers which can be used to help screen patients.

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