Doctor calls for caution over recent dementia studies

Doctor calls for caution over recent dementia studies

A doctor in the US has called into question recent reports of various studies related to the development of and potential cures for dementia.

Dr Anthony Alessi has spoken out after an investigation was published in the Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry that revealed the presence of tau protein in the brains of five former American footballers, the Norwich Bulletin reports.

Because this protein was identified using a PET scan, rather than through an autopsy, the study is said to suggest that a simple scan of the brain will be able to diagnose dementia in the near future.

Dr Allessi said: "The current report gives the impression that the scan performed as part of the research now can identify patients who will develop dementia. This is not true and misleading."

He also points out that the existence of tau protein in the brain can not be taken to mean that people will definitely experience cognitive decline, as this is by no means guaranteed.

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