Do you have an undiagnosed heart problem?

Do you have an undiagnosed heart problem?

Many older adults in the UK could be living with a heart condition that they are completely unaware of.

According to a new study, approximately 25 per cent of 87 to 89-year-olds have an undiagnosed heart problem.

Researchers at Newcastle University tested 300 people and found many were going without vital treatment.

The team noted that not only is this bad for the individual, but also for the NHS as a whole.

They claim that if those with undiagnosed heart conditions were given treatments, it would save the service money in the long run, cutting down on expensive hospital visits and surgeries.

Lead researcher on the study professor Bernard Keavney said: "We were surprised to discover just how many older people have heart problems. Many of these people could be treated with drugs that we know work, if their condition were recognised."

It seems as though the Department of Health may have got wise to this, as they are currently working to develop a strategy to identify more cases of heart diseases.

Readily available information on how to prevent heart conditions will also help to lower the number of people in the UK with complications.

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