Dilnot proposals 'are wrong priority'

Dilnot proposals 'are wrong priority'

A leading think-tank has advised the government that implementing the care fee cap recommended in the Dilnot report is "the wrong priority at the wrong time".

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) has warned the coalition it is at risk of "abandoning" those in the most need of help if, as expected, the limit is introduced.

A report by economist Andrew Dilnot suggested a cap on the amount a person can contribute to their care fees, but his £35,000 suggestion is believed to have been deemed too costly by the government and a £75,00 limit is anticipated.

However, the CSJ speculates even this higher threshold will result in a bill of around £750 million.

Christian Guy, CSJ managing director, said: "The current social care crisis cannot be leapfrogged. The government should take a step back and seriously reconsider the purpose of only implementing the Dilnot proposals."

Instead of introducing the Dilnot cap, the CSJ believes the government should "prioritise preventative care" and introduce a "fair wage" for care workers.

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