Dignity must be 'at the heart' of care

Dignity must be 'at the heart' of care

Sir Michael Parkinson has called for out-of-date stereotypes of older individuals to be destroyed and for dignity to be central to care in a new account of his year as the nation's Dignity Ambassador.

The former leading interviewer praised many of the people who inspired him, as well as the small steps that can be taken for free which make a huge difference to people's lives.

Health Secretary Andy Burnham also took the opportunity to announce a new Dignity Action Day as well as a £50,000 Bright Ideas Grant for innovative projects to encourage dignity in care.

Commenting on the scheme, Sir Michael said: "Dignity doesn't need to cost anything - small considerations like taking time to have a chat when you take people to the loo, or using their name rather than a generic term of endearment, can help people retain independence and self respect.

"We need to banish outdated attitudes and assumptions that can be a barrier to good quality care."

Sir Michael started his website soon after he finished his interviewing gig on BBC, with the personality regularly commenting on the week's events.

The Dignity in Care campaign was launched in our care home (Red Oaks) in November 2008 with Michael Parkinson and care services minister Phil Hope.

Barchester Healthcare is a great supporter of the Dignity in Care campaign and many of our staff and general managers are Dignity Champions.

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