Diet soda 'increases stroke risk'

Diet soda 'increases stroke risk'

Individuals who consume diet soda on a daily basis could be increasing their risk of having a stroke, new research indicates.

Scientists from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine asked participants to fill in questionnaires about their food and drink habits.

It was found that those who drank diet soda daily were 61 per cent more likely to experience a stroke than those who drank none.

However, The Calorie Control Council has said that the findings are critically flawed.

"The findings are so speculative and preliminary at this point that they should be considered with extreme caution. In fact, the study has not been peer reviewed by any independent scientists and has not been published in a scientific journal," said Beth Hubrich, a representative of the council.

Meanwhile, researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles have found that a drug derived from curry spice turmeric may be able to help stroke survivors recover some of their mobility.

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