Diet 'affects osteoarthritis'

Diet 'affects osteoarthritis'

People with osteoarthritis who use home care may want to stay away from certain foodstuffs, after one expert has said diet has a significant impact on joint health.

Alison Wyndham, founder of The Wyndham Centres, said that foods "play a big part is osteoarthritis".

Certain foods such as sugar are inflammatory, and therefore not conductive to joint health, but Brits' diet overall is very acid, which also encourages inflammation.

The expert explained that once proteins and carbohydrates are digested they form an acid ash, while alkaline fruit and vegetables can help to counter this inflammation.

"I have found also that many people have food sensitivities which will affect their arthritis and by removing those foods their pains improve. Everyone is an individual but tomatoes, and citrus can often make joints worse and wheat or dairy or both can be a problem," she added.

This follows research at the University of Rochester which indicated that an osteoporosis medication could also be used to treat arthritis as it has been observed to build cartilage around joints.

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