Diabetes drugs' side effect 'could be eliminated'

Diabetes drugs' side effect 'could be eliminated'

Researchers have managed to eliminate dangerous side effects of some diabetes medications in a new study on mice.

A team at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Scripps Research Institute developed a drug prototype which reduces diabetes symptoms without causing weight gain or fluid retention like many treatments currently in use.

While these novel compounds, reported in journal Nature, would not be suitable for use in humans, authors believe the results prove they have succeeded in building selective anti-diabetic molecules which can lessen the chance of severe side effects.

Study leader Bruce Spiegelman commented: "This insight shows how you can make new compounds that appear to be safer, but you don't know for sure until a drug is developed that you can give to patients."

Meanwhile, Dr Alison Jeffery, from the Peninsula Medical School, has said that obesity can cause diabetes, with weight gain being one of the main causes of the condition.

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