Diabetes 'can be caused by being overweight'

Diabetes 'can be caused by being overweight'

Those dealing with elderly people requiring home care could ensure that their patients get enough exercise to avoid the development of diabetes.

According to Dr Alison Jeffery, from the Peninsula Medical School, too much weight is one of the main causes of the disease and can be averted through a healthy diet and regular exercise.

"It is well known that excess weight is an important risk factor for the development of diabetes - some people may only need to be overweight in order to trigger diabetes, although many are obese when diabetes is diagnosed," she explained.

Dr Jeffery said that those looking to combat diabetes should concentrate on an active lifestyle and good eating over any drugs or treatment that may be available.

Those employing assisted living could take heed of recent findings reported in the journal Radiology, which showed that a high level of fat in the heart region is also a strong indicator of coronary disease.

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