Diabetes and gum disease are linked, professor underlines

Diabetes and gum disease are linked, professor underlines

People with diabetes are more likely to also have gum disease, according to a Newcastle University professor, which is likely to affect numerous older people using home care.

Jimmy Steele, professor of Oral Health at the university, noted that diabetes is linked to gum disease, although neither condition is causative of the other.

Moreover, treating gum disease has been seen to improve diabetic control in type 2 diabetes significantly.

Mr Steele added that gum disease is also statistically associated with cardiovascular disease and stroke.

However, he says, it could just be that factors which negatively impact the gums are also bad for the heart.

"It is a hard one to unpick scientifically. In the end the message is the same – looking after your teeth can have knock on benefits for your health," he finished.

This follows a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine which revealed that frequent doctor visits benefit patients with diabetes, helping them to achieve blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol treatment goals faster.

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