Depression treatment 'has long term benefits'

Depression treatment 'has long term benefits'

Treating depression could have long term health benefits, a study has revealed, which could make people who take antidepressants less dependent on home care.

Research carried out at the University of Alberta, showed that adults with depression who undergo a course of antidepressants are three times less likely to still be depressed eight years later in comparison to those who do not take the medication.

Ian Colman, of the University of Alberta, emphasised the importance of treatment that does not end until the cessation of the patient's symptoms.

"It's common that depressed individuals will have a partial remission of symptoms where they feel better but some symptoms remain; those people have poor long-term outcomes." 

He elaborated: "It's important to have successful treatment that deals with all of your symptoms."

Antidepressants could also be used to treat individuals recovering from stroke, according to new findings.

Research carried out at the University of Iowa revealed that patients who took a short course of antidepressants while recovering from a stroke experienced a significantly improved recovery when compared to a group who received placebos.

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