Depressed individuals 'need support to be healthy'

Depressed individuals 'need support to be healthy'

People with depression and other mental health problems may need help when it comes to leading a healthy life, according to one expert, indicating that some of these individuals may be in need of home care.

Richard Colwill, spokesman for SANE, who explained that people with depression may have no interest in diet and exercise regimes.

He continued that small changes in the direction of a healthy lifestyle are positive, but people with mental health issues may need support to achieve these.

"We would encourage people to speak to their doctor, or at the very least speak to somebody close to them so that they can actually get the help that they need. The real danger is that untreated conditions could get worse," said Mr Colwill.

This comes after a study by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology revealed mental health to be one of Europe's biggest medical challenges.

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