The Department of Health is 'not keeping promises' over dementia care

The Department of Health is 'not keeping promises' over dementia care

The Committee of Public Accounts feels "badly let down" by a lack of government action on dementia care reform.

The Department of Health (DoH) is not keeping promises it made about reforming dementia care services, according to the Committee of Public Accounts (CPA).

A "wide gulf" remains between what the DoH says it will do and what is has been doing, according to Edward Leigh MP, chairman of the committee.

He went on to say that the CPA feels "badly let down" by failure to act on promises made to them in 2007, and the strategy released last year to improve dementia care "lacks the tools" to work effectively and bring about change.

"This cannot continue. If dementia services are to improve at the rate required and better value for money is to be achieved then implementation of the national strategy must be pursued with urgency and commitment," said Mr Leigh.

Reacting to these comments, the head of policy and public affairs for the Alzheimer's Society, Andrew Chidgey, said action was needed immediately to make dementia care a priority throughout the NHS.

"People with dementia are facing a daily battle with this devastating condition and are being prevented from accessing the support and advice they need," he added.

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