Dementia training scheme for healthcare staff

Dementia training scheme for healthcare staff

A new training programme funded by the local council has been launched to help improve the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals working with people with dementia in Nottinghamshire.

The local authority is providing £350,000 to finance the two-year programme, the Mansfield Chad reports.

Nottinghamshire County Council has launched the scheme, which contains 12 university-recognised modules that are focused on how to improve the living experience of patients with dementia.

Those who take part in the training will be taught what it is like to be afflicted with the condition, how it affects a person's family and how to respond to patients in the best possible way.

Councillor Kevin Rostance, chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council's adult social care and health committee, said: "The council is committed to driving up standards of care in the county and dementia is a particular challenge locally and nationally."

Dementia is set to become increasingly prevalent among an ageing population, with the Alzheimer's Society charity forecasting almost one million people will be diagnosed with the condition across the UK by 2021.

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