Dementia research talks planned

Dementia research talks planned

A pair of talks on dementia research are being held by Professor Richard Cheston, the chair of Mental Health Research at the University of the West of England, this month.

Professor Cheston has already put on a talk at Withywood Memory Cafe on Tuesday (December 4th) and he will be at Fishponds Memory Cafe in Bristol on December 14th.

He explained dementia makes day-to-day life more challenging for older adults and stated even the little things can become more difficult for those diagnosed with the condition.

"For someone with dementia, finding yourself in a situation where you suddenly don't recognise the people around you or even yourself can be incredibly stressful," said Professor Cheston.

Jonathan Stockwell, Alzheimer's Society memory cafe coordinator in Bristol, noted there are more than 4,000 people in the city affected by dementia.

Prime minister David Cameron recently described the neurodegenerative condition as one of the biggest challenges currently facing the UK's healthcare system.

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